Macromedia Flash (SWF) to SVG Converter

Version 0.3.8 (Build 111) - April 2006

(Last modified 12:46pm Friday 16th of April 2006)

+ Added feature (03-04-2006): static texts conversion (version 0.3.8-96)
+ Added feature (29-03-2006): conversion for gradient fills with opacity (version 0.3.7-68)
This converter is an open source tool which has been designed to convert files from Macromedia Flash format to the W3C recommendation for vector graphics SVG version 1.1 (link). At the moment this software only converts static flash and all the movements are being ignored. Animations are planned to be implemented in the next versions.
The documentation and source code of the project is available from here. In case of any questions please email alig1982(at)
Simple shapes, rectangles, circles, curves, complex shapes, fill colours, self overlapping shapes, layars and depths, now with full gradient fills support (version 0.3.7), static text (version 0.3.8), static flash in general excluding embedded raster images (bmp, jpeg) Flash format up to SWF version 7.0
Does NOT support:
Sprites, bitmap fills, embedded JPEG images, dynamic text-boxes, animation, sound, ActionScript, interactivity
Also see the comments section
Web converter tool:
To convert your flash files just select the flash file and press Convert! Your flash needs to be small (less than 500,000 bytes).
Important: I am currently writing my dissertation for this project and please note that I might include a demonstration of the flash you send here in my dissertation. Your flash file will not be used in any other sort of way and will not be sent to any other third parties whatsoever. If you want me to include your name in my dissertation please remember to fill the "comments" form which appears after you convert your flash.
Flash file (.SWF):
Change log:
0.3.8 (build 111): Fixed another bug related to huge tags (+2.0 MB)
0.3.8 (build 105): Fixed a bug which prevented some long tags to be read
0.3.8 (build 96): Now supports static texts conversion Note: Dynamic text boxes are not supported yet. It is possible that some text wihtin a flash that seems to be "static" is defined as an un-editable dynamic text box. Also SWF version 8.0 has some new font definition tags that are not documented publicly (e.g. tag type #73 and #75) therefore these texts are not convertable at the moment.
0.3.7 (build 68): Full support added for linear/radial gradient fills and their positioning. Note: For being able to view these fills, a SVG player is needed which supports "pattern"s and also fill transformations. Mozilla Firefox 1.5 has not implemented these features yet. You can try Adobe's plug-in for IE as an alternitive.
0.3.6 (build 45): Fixed bugs related to definition of new fill/line styles within a shape and referencing them
0.3.6 (build 37): Fixed a problem while reading style indices with length 0
0.3.6 (build 30): Better support for "gradient" fills but still problems with fill transformations
0.3.6 (build 25): Added support for linear/radial gradient fills
If you get empty SVG:
It is probably because the file you are trying to convert has embeded ActionScript. ActionScript is not supported in this version of the converter. Other problems might occur if the flash file is based heavily on bitmap fills and jpeg images since this converter does not have support for embedded images yet. If you had any questions please contact alig1982(at)
Example Flash taken from Dr Rutter's Homepage (link)
(svg) (flash)
Another example with faded gradient fills taken from "gnash" (link)
(svg) (flash)